About us.  Rough Workshop.

We spend our days designing and building awesome things.  The opportunity to create space is an excellent privilege, and something we take seriously.  "We" are Bryan Bethem and Jared Licano.  While meeting at the University of Arizona College of Architecture, we quickly discovered we were not like everyone else.  18 years later, we continue to operate in a special way.  Our projects are treated with importance and respect, while they find a way to be special and excellent.  While the image to the left may seem innocuous, it means a great deal to us.  It is a slab of Walnut.  The tree was felled of natural causes in Gilroy, CA.  Our 4 hands alone turned it into a strong and powerful table.  It currently finds a home in the bar of Chaya Downtown, Los Angeles.  The details may be subtle, but the refinement and precision is unmatched elsewhere.  Similar to us, and Rough Workshop.